From Allen Face, the inventor of the Floor Profileograph (1975), the Fmin System (1978), the FF/FL System (1982), the Dipstick® (1982), the Self-Recording Dipstick® (1986), the F-Meter® (1993), the Downloading F-Meter® (2003), the D-Meter® Replacement Dipstick® (2003), and the amazing new error-proof D-Meter® 2013 . . .

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ACI Honorary Member Allen Face is perhaps the world's leading authority on the design, construction, and quality control of concrete floor slabs. His companies provide a complete range of floor consultation, expert witness, and seminar services (Allen Face & Associates); the fastest, most reliable, easiest-to-use floor profilers made (Allen Face & Company); and the most effective, innovative, and economical manual strike-off tools ever conceived.

D-Meter ®

The World's Only Profiler That Never Needs Zeroing (and That Can Never Under-Report FFs)


F-Meter ®

Rolling Floor Profiler


Screed Rail ®

Wet Screed Replacement System


FL Screed ®

Automatic Laser-Guided Floating Screed


Allen Face Articles

Allen Face shares his wealth of knowledge and discusses his highly regarded theories in numerous articles found in Concrete Construction.

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