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D-Meter® Rental Quotation (Both Imperial & Metric Versions)

Rental Rates : $75.00/day
Rental Period : Period begins with date unit is received and ends with date unit is returned (i.e. June 1 through June 5 is a 5-day rental).
Minimum Fee : $ 525.00

(7 day minimum)
Deposits : Valid VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card number (with correct name provided) and the minimum rental fee plus shipping will be charged to credit card prior to our shipment of any rental unit.
Terms : Net on presentation
Shipping Fee : Actual Shipping Charges (US)
(Canada & Puerto Rico)
Shipping Methods : UPS Next Morning by 10:30am

To purchase or rent a D-Meter, please call us at (224)699-9000

Or send us an email at for any questions.

Let us help you sell your used D-Meters and F-Meters!

If your organization is interested in retiring some of your floor profiling equipment, we might be able to help. Give us a call at (224)699-9000 for details.

Download Installer and User Documentation

Access and download files to utilize with your F-Meter or D-Meter

Click here to familiarize yourself with the F-Meter and D-Meter

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