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Allen Face has been writing articles for the industries informational resource Concrete Construction since 1982. Please visit their website to browse through his articles as well as a trove of other useful information.

For your convenience, we have provided a summary and links to several of his articles here for you as well.


Steel and Cracks, Part 2

Published Aug 2, 2011

Last month I discussed why steel in concrete can’t keep it from cracking. But there are a few other thing to learn about the relationship between embedded steel and concrete gaps:

Rule 14d: Any reinforcement that is not spanning a gap is serving no purpose.

Many closely jointed slabs are detailed to have general reinforcement—usually in the form of WWR—that is discontinued at both sawcuts and construction joints. If made small enough, very few of the panels bounded by the joints will ever crack. Taken together, Rules 14c (in the July issue) and 14d explain why money spent on reinforcement in such cases is wasted. However, if the joint spacing is large enough to cause a significant number of panels to crack, then the owner does receive real value for each reinforcement dollar. By binding the gaps, the steel actually is doing something useful.

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Steel and Cracks, Part 3

Published Aug 31, 2011

Two unjointed 6-inch slabs are placed under identical conditions over identical bases using identical materials and methods. One slab contains continuous deformed 4x4-4/4 welded wire reinforcement under 1 inch of cover; the other #4 deformed bars at 12 inches both ways under 1½ inches of cover. If post-installation treatments and environments also are identical, which slab will develop tighter, more closely spaced cracks?

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