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The World's Only Profiler That Never Needs Zeroing (and That Can Never Under-Report FFs)

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Allen Face invented the manual Dipstick in 1983 and the self-recording Dipstick in 1986. In 2003, incorporating all he had learned in the previous 2 decades, he re-engineered it into the D-Meter® - now the state-of-the-art in walking floor profilers. Advanced across the floor by successive rotations about its front foot, D-Meter Walking Profiler can measure up to 1500 linear feet (or 450 meters) per hour.

D-Meter does it all. After data collection, with just 2 clicks, everything you need downloads into an Excel® workbook on your PC or laptop.

  • From the Inventor of the Dipstick®
  • Fastest Walking Profiler Available
  • Least Expensive Unit on the Market
  • Never Needs Zeroing
  • Immune to Operator Errors
  • Fully ASTM / ACI compliant
  • Extremely Accurate (+/- 0.002")
  • Cannot Under-Report FFs
  • No External Computer to Deal With
  • Will Not Lose Data - Ever!
  • Single Click Downloading into Excel®
  • Out-of-the-Box & Ready-to-Go in 30 Seconds
  • Works 10 + hours on Internal Lithium-Ion Pack
  • No Batteries to Change!
  • Imperial (12") or Metric (300mm) Versions
  • Optional F-min Profileograph Simulation

Using AF&Co's rentable profileograph simulation software, D-Meter can now readily measure F-min defined wheel track tolerances on superflat floors. This new capability allows any test lab to measure F-min with its own equipment and personnel - opening a highly profitable market previously reserved to specialty testing firms.

D-Meter Walking Profiler requires no special skills or training to operate. After power up and zeroing the instrument, the operator simply uses the [GO] and [STOP] keys to record the profile runs, each of which can range from 12 to 240 feet (3.6 to 72.0 meters) in length.

D-Meter's memory will retain up to 50 run records, even if the unit is turned off or loses power. This feature eliminates all concerns about data loss.

Click here to view the D-Meter Walking Profiler Operating Manual

Download Installer and User Documentation

Access and download files to utilize with your F-Meter or D-Meter

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